“We all know that the tech buzzword of the day is the metaverse. Of course, there are many views about what the metaverse is and should be in concept. However, it is really about a virtual world where people can play immersive games, create their own ‘personal’ virtual worlds, and eventually even shop and do business within this replication of the real world.” This is how Tim Bajarin begins a recent Forbes.com article, describing why now is the time for “companies of all sizes to start their research into the metaverse.” 

For months, I have asked this important question: Why do sales, marketing, and customer service executives need to devote more focus to the metaverse? Here is a brief list of reasons: The metaverse—which refers to the upcoming network of virtual spaces where people can connect socially—meaningfully changes the way your company sells, markets to, and services its customers. It has a profound impact on your company’s competitiveness. It allows you to do business where your customers want to do business and engage customers in ways your customers want to be engaged, which helps secure sales. It drives down customer and field service costs, and it provides quicker and more comprehensive solutions to customer problems.

Source: https://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/Columns-Departments/Customer-Experience/Its-Time-to-Focus-on-the-Metaverse-151605.aspx

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