Iconic department store Bloomingdale’s is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a new virtual store, designed by Emperia, that will go live during New York Fashion Week, which starts September 9.

Virtual department stores aren’t a new concept. You might recall eBay doing something similar in 2013, and individual brands more recently. In fact, the concept is something Bloomingdale’s has worked on for a while as it created a more robust relationship with its retailers and customers.

The department store’s chief marketing officer Frank Berman told TechCrunch via email that the company “experimented with virtual fashion shows and interactive windows” over the past 10 years, but that the 150th anniversary “gave us the opportunity to think bigger and put our customers front-and-center.”https://jac.yahoosandbox.com/1.2.0/safeframe.html

“Working with Emperia, we were able to see the potential of creating an immersive, virtual shopping experience which was a natural progression of our legacy, including 360-degree views of exclusive luxury products, an interactive 40 Carrots frozen yogurt experience, Big Brown Drones and lots of fun surprises,” Berman said.

source: https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/08/bloomingdales-metaverse-virtual-store/

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