The vast majority of U.S. adults are ready to move beyond gaming experiences in the metaverse and see value in immersive interactions, such as socializing with friends and family (78%), and on-the-job training (76%), according to a new survey from KPMG LLP1. Further, 59% of U.S. adults report they expect the metaverse to have a significant impact on their lives in the next 12 months with an additional 48% reporting a significant impact in next 5 years.2

“While it may still be early days, U.S. adults are increasingly adapting to creating real life experiences across the ‘phygital’ world,” said Cliff Justice, U.S. leader of Enterprise Innovation, KPMG. “With each interaction, people are becoming more accustomed to engaging in everyday activities in the metaverse. From banking and telemedicine to learning and working, the medium we use to communicate and interact is perpetually shifting towards virtual.”  

Rising impact

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage, transact, socialize and work. Of those participating in the metaverse, 92% of respondents say it enhances learning opportunities, including job training, school, and higher education while 86% report the metaverse provides opportunities for entrepreneurship, including marketing and selling.


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