The cosmetics company Bobbi Brown has submitted a trademark application in the US for “Bobbi Brown” related to metaverse technology. The application, filed on March 31, 2023, covers various products and services related to metaverse technology, including virtual goods like image files of cosmetics for use in online virtual worlds.

While the intentions behind Bobbi Brown’s trademark application are unclear, it does suggest that the cosmetics company is considering opportunities in the metaverse.

With the metaverse expected to become a significant part of the digital landscape in the near future, many companies are already exploring ways to participate in this emerging technology.

It remains to be seen whether Bobbi Brown will be successful in securing the rights to the “Bobbi Brown” name in the metaverse context. This trademark application could be a signal of a potential move into the metaverse by the cosmetics brand or simply a precautionary measure to protect their intellectual property rights.


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