The idea of virtual worlds has stirred the imaginations of many. However, the reality is still far from beloved science fiction scenarios. The metaverse industry is picking up speed as more and more start-ups and tech giants rush to get on the development train. DecentWorld, a Swiss-owned blockchain-based metaverse, offers an innovative, offbeat approach.

The platform has combined gaming and virtual real estate by digitizing every single Street on earth, offering them up as NFTs for traders and collectors, as well as creating a 3D virtual platform based on Dubai Downtown for the users to explore and interact with each other freely.

Metaverse Gateway for Easy Access

Many companies now are contributing toward the same goal of the creation of virtual worlds. While many of them have been swiftly introducing their own metaverse platforms and solutions, DecentWorld offers a universal metaverse gateway that is also needed for those businesses that want an already available solution.


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