Your boss has told you to write an article about the metaverse today and you don’t know how to do it? You don’t know anything about the metaverse but you want to do like all the best marketers around and write something on the web about it? Don’t worry, Tony is here for you and will give you all the advice you need to write the most impactful article about the metaverse ever. I have a structure that will make you jump ahead of all the competition. Follow me!

The super start

You don’t want to start your article with boring technical details that make people sleep. You have to begin with something impactful, that makes your readers interested in reading the remainder of your post. Luckily for all of us, it is full of analysts that are predicting that the metaverse will be an opportunity of trillions of dollars in the future. Everyone loves TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, so be sure to begin talking about that. Look on Google for “trillions dollars metaverse” and find the prediction with the most trillions. Every day there are new predictions with new trillions, and you must have the biggest number in your post. If your competitors have written that the metaverse will have a $1T market and you write that it is $8T, you are the coolest person in town and they are cheap losers. Remember: the more trillions, the better. This is “the golden rule of the metaverse”.

One last notice: you may be tempted to try to examine how these predictions have been computed, and also think that they have been made in different economic conditions (e.g. before the cryptocrash or before the war), but don’t fall for this. Remember: checking data is for losers. In any case, when 2030 arrives and the numbers will be wrong (like all the ones predicted by the analysts, which make the predictions throwing dice), people will have anyway forgot that article you wrote 8 years ago. So go on reporting whatever “trillions data” you find, even if it is from the website “”.


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