Deloitte seized on the surging metaverse trend by releasing a new set of services and a studio to enable creators to build virtual and augmented environments.

Deloitte’s metaverse offerings

On Thursday, the consulting giant — which has moved extensively into tech — released its Unlimited Reality offering, which it said helps clients harness next-generation strategies, tools and technologies to create and connect virtual worlds.

Enterprises using the Unlimited Reality service can create what Deloitte called hyper-realistic digital twins that imitate physical structures and transportation networks and can work with humans, robots and AI agents. Customers can also build shared virtual experiences for collaborative work with virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality, according to Deloitte.

Deloitte also released Dimension10 Studio, which enables clients working with Nvidia systems powered by the AI chipmaker’s RTX GPU to build virtual destinations. Deloitte said the studio service relies on research from the Deloitte AI Institute on the impact of the virtual world on organizations.

Both offerings build on Deloitte’s partnership with Nvidia and use the Deloitte Center for AI Computing and the Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise platform.  


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