Did the arrival of ChatGPT kill the metaverse?

Rumors are spreading faster than trending hashtags if Zuckerberg is sunsetting the metaverse entirely in light of the generative AI craze.

ChatGPT on phone in front of text

What can’t ChatGPT do?

The metaverse hype seems to be crumbling in the face of ChatGPT as everyone sees more appeal and profits on the generative AI side of technology than the glitzy world of avatars.

But why would you — or anyone for that matter — abandon a virtual landscape of promise for an in-development chatbot?

When ChatGPT took over the world

At one point, it was cryptocurrency, then it was the metaverse, and now it’s ChatGPT.

The world gravitates toward the most recent digital trend, abandoning previous shiny things for something more technologically advanced.

Humanity craves any new sci-fi-style tech that will stick, so every new thing feels like a promise that they’ve finally made it.


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