Last Thursday, Metaverse service provider XRSPACE secured roughly $25 million in a funding round to expand the platform’s bespoke immersive content offerings and satisfy audience demand for Metaverse services and content.

XRSPACE’s trusted partner Foxconn Technology Group is leading the funding round. Taiwan’s National Development Fund also assisted in providing XRSPACE with its capital.

The firm’s gained capital will allow XRSPACE to accelerate R&D into its platform’s live events and social experiences. Moreover, the funding will enable XRSPACE to include face tracking, motion tracking, 5G integration, RT3D live streaming, and AI-powered social content.

Moreover, XRSPACE’s funding enables new collaborations and partnerships with international brands, including those from Taiwan, China, Japan, and the US. The firm is attempting to drive the “next generation of consumer engagement in the Metaverse.”


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