With Diwali around the corner, everyone is busy with shopping but what if we told you this festive season you could shop right from the metaverse!
That’s right, the e-commerce platform Flipkart has launched Flipverse, a metaverse shopping experience for android users. And this is how you can get started.

How to enter the Flipverse
1. Open Firedrops by Flipkart on your desktop or laptop and then click ‘Enter Flipverse’.
2. Scan the QR code that you see with mobile phone.
3. This would open the FireDrops app.
4. Select Flipverse and then select a username and an avatar for yourself
5. You have entered the Flipverse.
Brands available in the Flipverse
Flipkart has tied up with several brands for this web3 shopping experience. Shoppers can buy shoes and other sportswear from Puma, wearables from Noise, beauty products from Nivea, bags from Lavie, and even two-wheelers from TVs.

source: https://www.businesstoday.in/latest/corporate/story/diwali-shopping-in-metaverse-how-to-enter-and-shop-on-flipkarts-flipverse-350632-2022-10-23

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