According to Mark Zuckerberg, the “metaverse” – which the Meta founder describes as “an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content – you are in it” – will radically change our lives.

So far, Meta’s main metaverse product is a virtual reality playground called Horizon Worlds. When Zuckerberg announced his company’s metaverse push in October 2021, the prevailing sentiment was that it was something nobody had asked for, nor particularly wanted.

Many of us wondered what people would actually do in this new online realm. Last week, amid announcements of new hardware, software, and business deals, Zuckerberg presented an answer: the thing people will do in the metaverse is work.

But who is this for? What are the implications of using these new technologies in the workplace? And will it all be as rosy as Meta promises?

The future of work?

The centrepiece of last week’s Meta Connect event was the announcement of the Quest Pro headset for virtual and augmented reality. Costing US$1,499 (~A$2,400), the device has new features including the ability to track the user’s eyes and face.


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