You could probably make the case for three significant revolutions in the world of architecture and interior design over the last 2,000 years. The first is the concrete revolution—thanks, Romans. And then there was steam, giving way to the industrial era with our necks craned towards the sky. Just how tall could we build them? Finally, the plastic revolution conveniently coincided with the Space Age, but despite the fantastical connotation it really just meant lava lamps. Lots and lots of lava lamps.

A fourth one is taking place now, the Metaverse revolution, because ordinary reality is getting a little too autocratic. “You can’t do that” doesn’t go down well with a generation that has access to incredible technologies that allow us to do that. To do anything.

In the digital world it’s possible, and virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the world of design. Firas Alsahin, designer and co-founder of Dubai’s 4SPACE DESIGN studio, believes that the Metaverse and you are closer than you think.

“In five years’ time all of us will own some sort of digital assets,” says Alsahin. “Whether it’s a contract, title deed or a certificate, or maybe a virtual property on virtual land. It’s going to be like owning a website on the Internet.”


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