The metaverse promises to be a revolutionised digital world unlike any we’ve experienced before. The cybersecurity challenges that come with it will also, likely, be different from anything we’ve seen before because of the explosion of devices and infrastructure that’s going to accompany it. The sudden and significant increase in apps and data is going to expand the attack surface for bad actors by a significant amount. 

As more money enters the metaverse, more hackers will try to take advantage of everyday crypto users. If metaverse platforms fall short on security and privacy before they take off, then it’s going to prevent the technology from being widely adopted. This article predicts some of the major security concerns that the metaverse and web3 is likely to pose. 


According to last year’s Q4 2021 brand phishing report, the metaverse platform Roblox ranked 8th as the most imitated brand for phishing attacks during the quarter. This was the first time a metaverse platform has made it to the top ten of this list. This is especially concerning since 50% of Roblox’s user base is under 13 years of age. 


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