The metaverse was trending hard in the latter part of 2021. Facebook’s decision to rebrand as Meta was an essential driver of this attention. Skeptics suspect a lot of hype. But as this article will demonstrate, the metaverse will deliver tangible benefits to individuals and businesses, opening new avenues to health, happiness and economic opportunity.

Make Way For The Metaverse

Earlier this year, Facebook put down another marker suggesting the metaverse is on the horizon and will be very big. They bought a splashy Super Bowl ad, which teased us with a vignette suggesting the metaverse will make all things new.

Other signs abound that the metaverse and its creators, investors and early adopters are filled with conviction and enthusiasm for this “next big thing.” Consider these signs, which show the great metaverse land grab is underway if media accounts are to be believed:

• Microsoft announced plans to acquire video game powerhouse Activision at the beginning of this year. The acquisition is a good fit because of Microsoft’s position in the gaming industry with its Xbox and other offerings. The company explained that Activision would give it “building blocks for the metaverse.”


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