There were days when learning was restricted to the four walls of a building, with space, infrastructure, volume, and capacity limits, pen and paper, or chalk & board! Learners were trained for the future, but it was perilous for them to attain skills that go beyond their ability to memorize their curriculum just for passing exams. But Children are our legacy.

It is anticipated that they ought to be well furnished for the challenges and encounters of the 21st century with the vital skill set in an evolving global world. In this expeditious amalgamated learning landscape, we are in a global classroom now.

Education must stimulate imagination in learners to reconnoiter, create and envision to make the planet everlasting and to generate a more sustainable world.

So, this blended/hybrid learning has certainly sparked a successive transformation in the education system.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is the first policy of this millennium. The importance given to education technology in the NEP confirms it has to contend with multiple crises in the system.

Learners today have to acquire various means to make the best of the technologies at their fingertips, need to develop innovative techniques for managing and monitoring their self-study, and, most significantly, have to amplify self-sufficiency over their learning styles as they can learn anytime and anywhere.

As a result of the increased accountability that hybrid learning systems attempt to bring, Learners are forced to think out of the box and use their creativity, and imagination in innovating and initiating their learning.

Teachers need to adopt engagement-boosting techniques with Positive Reinforcement and develop a Sense of competition and collaboration to enforce an Increased interest in key subjects for hybrid spaces to hold learners’ attention and focus on their learning.

Implementation of NEP2020 with technology in Education and revolutionizing curriculum need to embrace solutions for possessing the learner’s engagement and making sure there is erudition of how to be critical, confident and creative. As NEP 2020 takes a paradigm shift from content mastery to competency Mastery, Learners need 21C skills and abilities to be successful in the work-a-day world of the future.


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