How can geospatial technologies lend a helping hand in providing a better virtual experience and shaping a more productive future?

When you are lost on the street, you probably will use your phone and check your favourite navigation app to find the correct route. The whole process is so effortless that you may not realize how sophisticated it is to capture the entire street view in 3D and display it on the 2D screen of your mobile phone. 

Such technologies and experiences are made possible using geospatial technology. 

Geospatial technology refers to a collection of technology and processes to capture and understand data associated with location. This can range from satellite-based technologies mapping and monitoring the Earth to precise positioning technology in the hands of professionals designing and building the world’s infrastructure.

Besides the real world, this technology can also be applied in the virtual world to increase its fidelity at an increasingly lower cost than the creation of a modelled replica. Hence, to make sense of how this technology can be used to create a more immersive metaverse, we spoke to President Asia of Leica Geosystems (Part of Hexagon AB), Mr Faheem Khan. Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for 200 years, Leica Geosystems creates complete solutions for professionals across the planet. Known for trusted products and innovative solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing, trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. 


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