Over the past few years, remote work become the norm for both firms and people.

With Metaverse making its way into future, let’s see how it will impact the future of hybrid work.

Even now, after lockdowns, many businesses still favour the hybrid working style, with some workplaces only opening up twice or three times each week. According to current predictions, 73% of teams will include remote employees by 2028, but if widespread hybrid working is to become the norm, we must embrace the technology required to make it possible.

Businesses and their employees were able to continue working productively during the epidemic by integrating communication solutions like video conferencing tools into the workplace.

The majority of corporate leaders are aware of their limits, with 65% saying they think the metaverse will be more transformative than any video conferencing technology.

This is due to the fact that the metaverse provides a fully immersive environment that eliminates the judders and pauses typical of a traditional video conference by enabling more organic discussions in which ideas can be shared, conveyed, digested, and reacted to more freely and efficiently.

source: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/how-metaverse-will-affect-hybrid-work/

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