Far from being a reality for the average person, the metaverse has nevertheless won over the few people who have experienced it — so much so that some are invested heavily and permanently in these new worlds. As such, some users seem to have transcended the borders of reality.

Although it’s still not very well rooted in the habits of internet users, the metaverse is nevertheless attracting growing interest from brands and users alike. Indeed, it already appears to be fulfilling the expectations of those who have been exploring its infinite possibilities for several months.

Such are the findings of new research from HubSpot, which surveyed more than 1,000 individuals in the United States about their views, preferences, and expectations regarding Web3.

The metaverse appeals to the young

While only 8 per cent of respondents claim to have visited the metaverse — including 16 per cent of Generation Z respondents, 15 per cent of Millennials, and only 1 per cent of baby boomers — it appears that these virtual worlds are already shaking up the habits of their advocates.

This is perhaps hard to believe, considering that only 40 per cent of all respondents claim to understand the concept of the metaverse. However, those who have tried it seem to have already adopted it, to the point of becoming personally invested in these virtual worlds — or almost.

Indeed, the internet of the future may be winning over the public faster than some predict. In its survey, HubSpot reports that half of the people who have already familiarized themselves with the metaverse have done so in the last three months.

source: https://www.malaymail.com/news/tech-gadgets/2022/09/28/how-the-metaverse-is-already-shaking-up-the-habits-of-its-users/30491

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