South Korea’s car giant Hyundai has dived deeper into the Metaverse, according to a recent tweet posted by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. According to its recent trademark application, the company plans to issue non-fungible tokens and publish NFT-related media content. The company also plans to issue its own virtual fashion products such as clothing, footwear, sports gear, headgear, eyewear, sports equipment, works of art, pictures and toys for virtual reality and simulations. Virtual avatar and car images are also included in Hyundai’s latest patent filing, together with downloadable image files featuring virtual cars for virtual reality. This is not Hyundai’s first foray into the NFT industry. In April, it joined other global automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, by issuing its own NFTs, but it went a step further than its competitors by creating a community-based collection.


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