What is a metaverse again? Maybe, just a game. Samsung’s newest “metaverse” move is a game on Roblox, called Samsung Space Tycoon. Its mission? Collect virtual Samsung products.

Samsung used to make VR headsets for its phones and has been quiet on the smart glasses front for now. Instead, the company’s metaverse aspirations have largely been marketing efforts in virtual worlds. Samsung created an event space in Decentraland for its last Unpacked product event. Samsung Space Tycoon looks like it’s aiming for a younger crowd.

According to Samsung’s press release, the game’s aiming at Gen-Z with its game, which has collectible product-themed virtual accessories to grab. This isn’t Samsung’s first partnership with Roblox — the company hosted a Roblox concert with Charli XCX earlier this year in Samsung Superstar Galaxy.

Samsung Space Tycoon has a Mining Zone where ingredients are found, which can then be combined to make products in a Lab Zone. There are virtual phones, TVs, watches and other virtual items that can transform into gadgets. Apparently, a Z-Flip phone can turn into a scooter for your avatar, and a TV can turn into a helicopter.

Samsung’s expected to have another Unpacked product event later this summer to announce its next phones.

According to Samsung’s Jinsoo Kim, the whole game is designed to “give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before.” It’s an interactive social ad space. So was Samsung’s Decentraland space. But both are, notably, virtual worlds largely living outside of VR. Whether Samsung decides to extend its metaverse marketing efforts to VR or AR remains to be seen.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/samsungs-next-metaverse-move-is-a-roblox-game/

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