India enters metaverse fashion! The idea behind digital fashion seems quite strange to many of us, but this growing phenomenon has now become a niche market that has gained much traction. Experts believe that this new metaverse concept is redefining the basic idea behind fashion and shopping! Recent reports say, clothing basically exists in the virtual world to make the fashion domain far more sustainable than what it is today. There is also data that claims that replacing physical clothing with digital ones will enhance the company’s design and development cycles, along with reducing the brand’s carbon footprint by over 40%. Due to several of these reasons, designers from all over the world have been entering the metaverse, showcasing their designs and introducing us to what fashion can actually look like in the emerging virtual world.

Recently, Indian fashion designer Shubhika Sharma, from Papa Don’t Preach becomes the first label in the country to display fashion creations in the metaverse with the help of garments and accessories. This futuristic move by the brand is basically a footprint in Indian fashion history to become the first brands to enter the metaverse domain. Besides Shubhika, other Indian fashion giants like Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, and Raghavendra Rathore have dropped their own NFT tokens, digital items in the form of an image, video, or in-game solution that can be traded or turned into a virtual outfit. They claim NFTs have become a major part of our virtual experience developing and integrating this evolving domain into the luxurious industry of fashion might be just the right step.

However, the fashion industry is still quite reluctant to let go of the traditional norms of fashion. Some believe creativity can mostly be obtained through humans and a machine-generated model can never be considered an art. To advance into this domain, a strategy must include different ways to engage with the younger and emerging nature of clients.


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