Chinese social networking firm Inkeverse is continuing its push into the metaverse with the launch of a new social product for overseas markets called “The Place.” As a 3D virtual social platform for Generation Z consumers in Europe and the United States, it provides users with immersive social experiences through virtual scenes and images, as well as through real-time audio interaction.

This is the first overseas metaverse product launched by Inkeverse since changing its name from “Inke” in June this year. After logging in, users can customize the face and clothes of their virtual image freely, wander around in different scenes, interact with their partners in real time, and participate in online activities.

One of the most important features of the metaverse is 3D immersion. In terms of user experience and UI design, The Place has strong immersion and real-time interaction functions. A diversified and rich entertainment scene has been added to meet social needs. Considering that the main users are Gen Z consumers in Europe and the United States, The Place features skateboarding and graffiti in nightclubs, music rooms, video rooms, and more.

The team behind The Place is responsible for Web3 projects in Inkeverse. Project leader Liu Zhiqiang said that at present, social metaverse has many labels, such as virtual images, virtual scenes, games, combinination with hardware, and more. Apart from difficulties with infrastructure and technology, Liu believes that solving the needs of social interaction is the key, and that the fundamental logic of designing products is to grasp the needs of users. The secret to making a good product for overseas markets is to have a quick and accurate understanding of local cultural habits, popular elements, preferences, needs and so on.


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