McDonalds in the Metaverse

Fast-Food Franchise Giant Tilts Toward Initiatives in Virtual Reality

McDonald’s looks to be moving into the metaverse in a big way. That means fun ahead for players in the advanced digital world. And for franchisees, it means a boost to the brand: Metaverse experiences will cement participants’ loyalty and their association with McDonald’s as a hip, happening brand. In years to come, through avenues that are probably unfathomable today, the metaverse could be a key path for the golden arches to continue their dominance within the fast-food industry. 

Innovation is nothing new to McDonald’s, of course. It recently introduced fast-food kiosks and an app to streamline food ordering. Those advances had roots back in 2014 when the company established a digital information team tasked with employing technology to improve dining, drive-through and delivery, according to a Forbes report.  And way, way back in 1976, McDonald’s embraced the drive-up window, a no-tech portal that accounted for 70% of its sales during the pandemic.

As it develops its metaverse presence, McDonald’s is poised for digital


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