When one thinks of the metaverse, the usual imagery is one of an entirely virtual world with new digital experiences. But SuperWorld is a different take on the idea of the metaverse. It consists of 64.8 billion plots of virtual land, each plot represented as a non-fungible token (NFT), and digitally mapped over Earth as we know it. Each plot is located in the real world. So yes, your real, physical home probably exists as a plot on the SuperWorld. And each property on SuperWorld starts at 0.1 Ether or Rs 2,16,367 at today’s conversion rates.

But what exactly does it mean to buy land in the virtual world? And what does SuperWorld offer to users? We spoke to SuperWorld CEO and co-founder Hrish Lotlikar on the idea behind SuperWorld, and what exactly does it offer? Below is an edited version of the interview.

What exactly is SuperWorld and what’s the idea behind it?

Lotlikar: We’ve divided the surface of the Earth into 64 billion virtual blocks of land. Each block is a unique digital asset. If you buy along, you get a share of any of the commerce that happens on that block advertising, e-commerce, digital commerce, data analytics and gaming. On top of that, we’re building applications. We have a mobile application that allows you to create, discover and monetise anything, anywhere.

Another part of understanding SuperWorld is looking at Pokemon Go and how it adds digital information to the real world. In SuperWorld, if I come to Mumbai, or Delhi or London or Los Angeles or New York anywhere in the world, you could say, hey why don’t you check out my world. You could have left a hologram of yourself or photos and videos in different places or messages or even NFTs. These could be all over the world for me to discover and buy. You have the ability to personalise the world around you with anything you want. And so do I.

We also believe that users should earn crypto for using SuperWorld. I call it Live to Earn. The idea is can we use ‘tokenomics’ to incentivise your passions.

We have an NFT marketplace as well that allows you to create assets and put them anywhere, so you can create anything 3D, 2D, or simply audio and put it anywhere on SuperWorld. We also plan to launch a token soon, which will serve as a currency for decentralised finance and governance so users will be able to vote on things in SuperWorld.

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/interview-superworld-ceo-metaverse-virtual-land-web3-cryptocurrency-7829112/

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