The crypto industry has continued winning the hearts of top shots in the financial sector; especially the Metaverse is attracting more key players . Many worlds central banks now research CBDC and how to implement it. Also, leading institutions in the industry have embraced cryptocurrencies one way or the other.

For instance, JP Morgan Chase has moved to become a force in crypto, fintech, and Metaverse. As a result, the American investment bank is looking for experts in these sectors to increase its presence in the industry.

The bank now aims to add two experts to its team’s Vice President and Payments Business Development Manager under its Technology, Media, and telecom West Coast payments team. This team will be in charge of JP Morgan Fintech, Metaverse, crypto, and Web 3 division.

JP Morgan Chase Job Posting On Metaverse

The investment bank disclosed these job positions on LinkedIn. According to the bank, the individual must be dynamic and curious and can lead the company’s various technological changes enthusiastically and efficiently.

Some of the requirements for the new hires include the ability to guide operations, readiness to collaborate with regulators in the industry, and relevant technical knowledge. Also, the employment will be proactive in client engagement. They’ll also have the skills to collaborate with many internal partners of the bank to develop solutions matching the needs of its clients.


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