The German sportswear brand, Puma, has showcased its first metaverse website experience, called Black Station. Black Station is a blank and ever-evolving 3D canvas, designed to be interactive, immersive, and dynamic. It’s where PUMA will explore new technologies and showcase its vision of the future.

The station will act as a hub for all things PUMA, including web3 activations that you can visit throughout the year. This platform is intended to engage consumers in ways that traditional advertising methods can’t—and it’s going to become a hub for the latest innovations in technology, fashion, and sports.

Visitors to the new Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneaker portals can begin their experience on September 7th. They’ll enter a hyper-realistic digital lobby space with three separate portals, each leading to a different experience. 

The first two portals will unveil exclusive Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers. These reveals are linked to PUMA’s recent NFT Nitropass mint.


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