It’s not surprising how the word metaverse finds its way into newer technological discourses. We have heard top CEOs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella talk about it. Whether you are a vetted internet expert or a casual lurker, chances are you might have heard of the metaverse too. 

The word is booming, and so is its value — according to a Bloomberg report from December 2021, the metaverse market will grow to nearly $800 billion, further reinstating the rising interest in shared worlds, 3D interactions, the convergence of digital and physical worlds, data synchronization and more.

The promising financial and advertising value in the metaverse has brands jumping into the game. While online game makers and social media platforms might be seen leading the space, there’s ample room for luxury brand growth too — many of these have already started initial concepts for their participation in the metaverse.


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