US-based Meta has launched its first Metaverse experience in Africa to help Nigerian creators explore new ways to connect with their communities.

The parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram has introduced the ‘Flex Naija’ experience as part of a mixed-reality concert in Lagos, Nigeria. The company brought together content creators from fields such as music, fashion, art, and comedy, and allowed guests to be a part of a multi-sensory experience with different zones dedicated to key Metaverse entry points. 

The three main entry points of the event focused on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Avatars, and Augmented Reality. These entry points were designed to introduce Nigerian creators to new ideas and help them explore new ways to connect with their communities by leveraging modern technologies. 

Meta representatives expressed their hope that communities will help make the Metaverse more inclusive and inspiring as technologies provide new opportunities for growth. They also highlighted their commitment to supporting African innovators and creators in new ways to express themselves by pushing the boundaries of creativity and social connection physically and online.

The impact of the Metaverse in Africa 

The launch of this new Metaverse experience follows Meta’s exclusive dinner from August 2022 during which it introduced Nigerian content creators to Metaverse technologies. As part of the event, the creators spent the day co-creating and building ideas that would bring them closer to their communities.  

In October 2022, MTN Group has announced that the network will host an Africa-first virtual concert on 30 November 2022 in Ubuntuland, Africa’s Metaverse. In February 2022, MTN Group became the first African company to purchase land in Ubuntuland in order to create dedicated environments for creating unique experiences for its customers. 


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