Nike recently announced its .Swoosh platform, taking a step further into the metaverse space in efforts to build a robust metaverse community. Every single passing day sees the metaverse reach new heights. The next major thing that will transform the look of the digital world is already commonplace technology with not just companies such as Nike and Adidas but also classic game stars such as Manel Sort of Candy Crush and more making entries into the world of Web3.

Metaverse complements new technologies such as blockchain, IoT, gaming VPN, and 3D visualisation by generating an immersive visual experience.

One of the main reasons we started G4AL was because we truly believed and witnessed the metaverse and blockchain to be the next big thing, especially the next generation of gaming. With G4AL, we aim to fully capitalize on the advantages of hosting games within the metaverse/blockchain such as ownership, decentralisation, increased engagement and an immersive experience.” says the team at G4AL.

But what’s the hype and why is the metaverse receiving so much clout? Can it co-exist with current game formats? To uncover the answers, let’s talk about the metaverse and how it drives next-generation gaming.


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