Meta has published a new report which looks at how its planned metaverse will help to facilitate more inclusion and opportunity, with the underlying technologies and concepts being built, from the ground up, by a more diverse set of creators and experts.

Which seems as much optimistic as factual, but nevertheless, the report also provides some interesting insight into Meta’s broad-reaching metaverse vision – or ’the next chapter of the internet’, as Meta says.

Which is, indeed, broad-reaching, with Meta explaining that the metaverse that it sees will encapsulate several key interaction elements.

Of course, VR has been the main focus of Meta’s metaverse push, but the company actually groups all of its next-gen innovations and developments into the one bucket. Which is slightly confusing, but basically, Meta wants to claim ownership of the next stage by being the leader in all of these spaces.

Which also includes expanded collaboration with creators.

An array of technology companies are building products and experiences for the metaverse, and early versions of it already exist in the virtual universes of Fortnite and the photo filters on your smartphone.”

Yeah, those are very different experiences – Fortnite seems like a good proxy for what, seemingly, Meta envisions the metaverse becoming, a wholly digital environment, where users interact via avatar, and can travel between a range of different experiences in the app.


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