As part of Dubai’s ambition to become a global center for metaverse business and technology, the emirate recently inaugurated its first hospital in the metaverse built by the UAE-based healthcare provider Medcare.

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The Metaverse healthcare facility mirrors Dubai’s real-world Medcare Women & Children Hospital and will be used in their medical tourism initiatives, giving potential patients an immersive experience of the hospital prior to visiting in person.

Announcing the launch, Dr. Shanila Laiju, CEO Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centers, said: “Our ultimate aim is to deliver actual healthcare services by incorporating the delivery of real-time consultations through our team of over 400 medical experts.”

She added that they expect traditional telemedicine services to be replaced by a need for Metaverse interactions in the long run, enabling “our patients to receive a more tangible and collaborative service.”

Earlier this year, another UAE healthcare company, Thumbay Group, announced its own intentions to build a virtual hospital where doctors and patients can meet for remote consultations. Thumbay Group is also working with UAE-based Gulf Medical University to incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) into medical training.


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