MetaBeat, the metaverse event for enterprise decision-makers, started its day with a keynote introduction by Sami Khan, CEO and cofounder of Atlas Earth, a mobile game experience where users can purchase virtual real estate and brand partners can offer promotions tied to the company’s in-app currency. 

Right off the bat, Khan told the MetaBeat audience that no one can fully explain what the metaverse is, in all its iterations. 

“My humble advice is to use the metaverse to enhance people’s experience in the real world,” he said. “I don’t want my daughter growing up in a world where the future is escaping this world to live in a virtual reality world — that sounds pretty depressing.” 

Creating an enhanced experience in the real world, he explained, is different for every company. Nvidia, for example, is using digital twins as a metaverse to help teach future self-driving cars in a 3D world. 

An enhanced real-world experience is the goal of Atlas Earth, he added, that is, using people’s mobile devices to buy virtual land right where they live, work and play. 

“We’re taking local marketing to a national scale,” he said. “It offers the ability for innovative brands like Sonic to drive a quarter-million in revenue from metaverse gamers to their doors.” 7-Eleven subsidiary Speedway is the most successful case study in the metaverse “you’ve never heard of,” with 2 million in measurable sales from Atlas Earth to Speedway, he added: “When you do this authentically people are excited about it.” 


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