Metaverse, often criticized for lacking in substance, is winning recognition for its value as a new educational platform in the medical field. Experts say it has a high potential for educating not just medical students but hospital staff and patients as well.

The experts made these and other points at the “2022 KoVAV META Connect Digital Healthcare & 4th Health and Medical Data Innovation Forum” jointly held by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Health and Welfare on Wednesday to emphasize the importance of metaverse in the medical field.

Park Seon-young, CEO of NEWBASE, a medical educational platform, said metaverse is one of the methods to overcome the limits of the existing medical educational environment.

“The traditional medical education had limitations due to patient safety and interactions, but digital simulation based on metaverse provides a good alternative to overcome such problems,” Park said. “Thanks to these advantages, I expect the use of medical metaverse to begin in the educational area.”


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