Metaverse is all the buzz. Users are betting on a virtual reality world where they can interact and experience things as they would in the real world, with the metaverse promising to change traditional finance, e-commerce and gaming. At the same time, the privacy and security challenges that the digital space brings with it cannot be ignored.

Like social media, the metaverse is prone to cyber-attacks, including phishing and ransomware attacks, reveals a new report by Ermes, an Italian company that uses artificial intelligence for cybersecurity. “With the advent of social media and the rise of new platforms, including metaverse, users are grappling with a very important question: how do we make sure who’s sitting at the other end? Is it the person who he or she claims to be? Is it even a real person?” said Siddharth Gandhi, chief operating officer, 1Kosmos, a cybersecurity firm dealing in passwordless authentication.


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