Like many other industries, healthcare has begun implementing Web3 technologies to better serve those in need. Healthcare services now appear in the metaverse, specifically for those seeking mental healthcare.

Cointelegraph spoke with two executives from Innerword — a metaverse peer-to-peer mental health support group program — about how the metaverse can change the next generation of mental healthcare services.

Connectivity is a trait inherently built into virtual environments, as is the ability to connect with more anonymity via the use of avatars and usernames. Noah Robinson, the platform’s CEO and founder, said, in the mental healthcare scene, “this helps people open up more and be more vulnerable, which in turn leads to faster healing.”

He continued to say that unlike traditional therapy sessions, which are often limited in their access, metaverse-based sessions allow people access to “an entire community full of empathetic, caring people” available 24/7.


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