In Zuckerberg’s metaverse, humans are represented by legless avatars.

He used a Facebook Live video to show how his legless avatar could enter the metaverse and start creating a whole new scenario from nothing.

To do this, he spoke to an early concept version of a new AI assistant called Builder Bot.

Livestreaming in Metaverse

In the metaverse, livestraming will take place in various formats like a static webpage or app into a more dynamic 3D space. For instance, many metaverse projects have “Voice Over Internet Protocol” that gives a voice to those in the vicinity. Online streamers will have an opportunity to build a platform on which they will sit their 3D avatar and talk openly.

Livestreaming in metaverse can become even more fun when influencers, chefs or musicians will perform and look out into a sea of real people behind digital avatars, selling tickets as NFTs which would grant admission to the audience.

As things are taking place in the metaverse, the performer does not need to be sat in their bedroom or in front of a green screen, they could program interactive features, special effects and ways to cheer or tip them.


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