Naver Z has selected leading online financial services provider Payoneer to bring its global payment service to ZEPETO’s 320 million metaverse users.

Quick take:

  • Naver Z has signed a partnership agreement with Payoneer to become its global payment service provider.
  • The Naver Corp subsidiary wants to bring the global payment platform’s services to ZEPETO, its global metaverse platform with over 320 million users.
  • The partnership extends Payoneer’s ecosystem in the creator economy, which has become a key vertical in its business.

Payoneer has been chosen by Naver Z to bring its global payment service to ZEPETO, the South Korean company’s global metaverse platform with over 320 million registered users. Naver Z is a subsidiary of the Korean internet giant Naver Corp. Earlier this year, it announced the launch of a $100 million fund for its metaverse project.

Zepeto started out as a 3D creator app but has since been onboarded with more tools and features to make it a fully immersive project.

In June, Naver Z and SoftBank teamed up to launch a metaverse shop on the platform. The shop provides customer service 24 hours a day, with an AI bot taking over from the human customer service providers during off hours.

Payoneer is coming in to provide Zepeto’s creator community with a global payment service that will enable users of the metaverse platform to “expediently pay and get paid in multiple currencies and geographies.”


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