Once relegated to science fiction and cyberpunk, smart glasses will soon be the next big user interface for the metaverse, offering a seamless experience between the real and virtual worlds. Although smart glasses had a blurry start in 2013, with hardware being released somewhat pre-emptively, emerging use cases for augmented reality (AR) will ensure that they will be the primary user interface in the metaverse in the long run.

A slow start but increasing interest

In 2013, when Google began selling prototypes of its Glass head-mounted devices (HMDs), the devices failed to impress consumers due to privacy concerns, a high price, and a lack of content. Fast forward to today—with the continued launch of smart glasses and tech giants such as Apple and Meta planning to enter the market in 2023 and 2024, respectively—it is clear that there is still potential for the technology.

Industry experts from several Big Tech companies such as Meta, Nokia, and Microsoft believe that the glasses will replace smartphones in the coming years. However, hardware, processing power, pricing, as well as data privacy and safety concerns must be addressed for this to become a reality.

source: https://www.verdict.co.uk/smart-glasses-metaverse-interface/

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