The mere mention of the metaverse has the power to inspire plenty of different emotions in boardrooms and in break rooms, from intrigue to outright confusion. Most executives have at least heard of the concept, and plenty are still scrambling to figure out exactly what it will mean for their organizations.

It’s no secret that the metaverse has already garnered a few die-hard corporate fans. For the most part, however, the metaverse is taking shape as a silent revolution. While a handful of leading organizations have already incorporated the metaverse into their innovation and communications strategies, others have yet to consider its long-term implications and business opportunities.

Whether or not your organization is ready to integrate metaverse entry into its growth strategy immediately, it’s never a bad idea to start planning for the future. The metaverse has already opened up a whole new world of marketing opportunities that are certainly worth considering.

Understanding The Metaverse

According to research from Bloomberg, the metaverse is on track to blossom into an $800 billion industry by 2024. But what and where exactly is the metaverse? And what does it pragmatically mean for the future of your organization?


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