If it feels like everyone you know has been talking about NFTs over the past few months, you’re not alone. With so much to learn about the wild world of web3, from metamask to minting, ethereum to #HODL, it can feel overwhelming.

So who exactly is jumping avatar-first into the metaverse? According to Fast Company, 45% of adults have never heard of NFTs. But those who do, “Well, they’re mostly male crypto-adept collectors. One in five online male adults in the U.S. indicated they already own at least one NFT versus just 7% of U.S. online female adults.”

That’s where companies like Curious AddysMeta AngelsWomen in Blockchain and The Hunt come in. Their founders are among the many women on a mission to build inclusiveness into the space, making entry points more accessible and less daunting for the crypto-curious.

Mai Akiyoshi is the founder of Curious Addys, an education-based interactive experience that allows people who are new to the space to learn about it through a series of games. An adorable Octopus named Addy walks users through the process of setting up a crypto wallet, minting an NFT and more. 

“I wanted to start an NFT project,” Akiyoshi says. “Crypto is male dominated and has a very masculine look. I thought bringing in well-designed concepts would bring more women into crypto. Once I really started to explore, I began to realize the power of the communities that NFTs could create. For example, WomanRise attracts people who are focused on women’s rights. Noticing that power, we started Curious Addys, which is the first NFT education project.”

“Web3 really feels like the start of the internet based on the speed of growth, the attraction, the trajectory of the market and the technology that’s evolving every day,” says Akiyoshi, who has been working in crypto since 2018. “If that’s true, and if women don’t get into it (they are currently only investing at half the rate as men,) then the wealth balance won’t change in the next 10-20 years.”

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amyschoenberger/2022/02/08/the-women-of-the-metaverse/?sh=3b2e21a1b8a2

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