US’ industry-leading 3D fashion technology company, Style.Me, and the company pioneering the next generation of visual reality in the metaverse, XRSPACE, have announced their strategic partnership to bring digital fashion to the metaverse. The first collaboration was a metaverse fashion show, in the GOXR metaverse platform for brands and digital creators.

The fashion show was one of the first of many unique phygital experiences under the partnership, bringing increased utility for digital fashion, Style.Me said in a statement.

“From day one, Style.Me’s goal has been to enable consumers to visualise and interact with fashion in the digital space. This partnership allows brands and designers to take that first step into the metaverse and engage with new audiences across these virtual worlds,” Style.Me president, Rufus Parkinson, said.

“XRSPACE has been focused on creating full spectrum global metaverse experiences beyond the gaming industry. Our collaboration with Style.Me marks an important milestone in crossing over to fashion. It highlights GOXR’s capabilities in multi-user social avatar, 3D showroom, and real-time interaction. This combination truly unleashes creativity, whilst enabling new possibilities in digital commerce. This partnership will be the first step in offering generation Z unbounded imagination for personalising digital avatars in the metaverse,” GOXR general manager, Kurt Liu, said.


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