The metaverse is considered by many as the next generation of the internet – but what is the metaverse, how do things work in virtual reality, and when is all this happening?

You may think coping with a single universe’s daily ups and downs is enough for one lifetime, but take a minute to dream about an imagined universe where billions of people live, work and play without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Instead of the screens on our computers, tablets and smartphones acting as gateways to the internet, they will become three-dimensional portals to a bigger and better world where dreams come true. If you have the money, you can enhance your part of the metaverse to become a bigger and better self.

Modern technology hints at what the metaverse may become. Still, the truth is we are standing on the launch pad and have no idea what the transformation may become, just as the internet has developed from a limited messaging system to a world within a world.

Promoters of the metaverse expect the new technology to change how we live.

However, this guide takes stock of where the metaverse is today and where the journey may end.


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