When Meta opened its books, it revealed that what was described as the “future of the internet” had lost billions of dollars for the social media giant. And would keep losing money for years to come.

Then, a cast of some of the biggest names in technology slammed what’s been created by Meta – one saying it was “so stupid it made me sad”.

But first, what is the “metaverse” that Meta is banking its future on?

Essentially, they are virtual worlds that people – real people – can occupy using avatars they control through virtual reality devices, including headsets designed to create a fully immersive user experience.

In these worlds people can meet, connect, play, shop, and work – basically anything can be dreamed up.

Meta’s flagship metaverse app is Meta Horizon Worlds.

“It is an ever-expanding social universe where you can hang with friends, meet new people, play games, attend cool events and there are over 10,000 worlds and experiences to explore,” Meta said.

This week the company started shipping its new virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro, which promised to “expand what’s possible in virtual reality”.

You can buy it online for $2,699.99.

“It adds a bunch of new technology to do more in the metaverse,” said Mark Zuckerberg in a video posted to Facebook.

source: https://www.1news.co.nz/2022/10/30/analysis-the-meltdown-of-marks-metaverse/

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